Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Heart for Hard has added a brand new artist to its roster: Avian is now part of the sublabel Indus3, where also Regain and Neroz started to release their music within the label. “Extremely thrilled to announce Avian. Welcome to the team!”, Heart for Hard published on their socials.

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Hardstyle DJ Avian used to be known under the alias Unrestrained and already played among other events at Intents Festival. Now, the producer wants to go one step further and is signed to Heard for Hard’s sublabel Indus3. “A new chapter begins! Proud to announce that I have joined Heart for Hard and I will be releasing on their sublabel: Indus3. Let’s do this!”, Avian shared on his socials. The producer stands for “rough & energetic sounds”, whereby his intense kicks are guided by atmospheric melodies.”

Avian is now signed to Heart for Hard’s sublabel: “Let’s do this!”

After the hardstyle producer released his music under his old alias on Gearbox Revolutions, he now takes a next step in his career and joins the Heart for Hard sublabel Indus3. His very first release on the label is called ‘Death Row’ and will be out soon. Have an eye on Avian’s socials to stay up to date.

Footage taken from Facebook page Avian

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