Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

With only one more month to go, we can prepare ourselves for a lot of brand new music. As we all know, Radical Redemption comes with his new album The Road To Redemption and today we got a little more information about this production. You better make some place in your car or at home, because we can tell you that this monstrous album is taking up some space.

The album cover of The Road To Redemption has a huge ass size, namely because of the drie CD’s with the full versions tracks and two CD’s with continuous mixes. That is, just like last year with The One Man Army, another 5 CD’s with almost three hours of music. There’s no tracklist available yet – but it seems like all of these tracks are featured on the upcoming album.

Radical Redemption pulled everything out of the closet again for a new album. It contains numerous of collabs with other artists and the raw hardstyle dj even went to the studio with an entire orchestra, where they worked on the anthem for his event together.

The Road To Redemption will be Radical’s fourth album already. If we take the Minus Militia album in account as well, then we’re talking about his sixth album in five years. The release of the album is together with the eponymous event on Saturday the 4th of November in Breda (The Netnerlands). Pre-orders are now available here and will be signed by Radical Redemption himself.


  • nope 06 October 2017 - 23:46

    >If we take the Minus Militia album

    there are two :D


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