Bas van Herk
By Bas van Herk

Recent year was a good year for hardstyle. In 2017 we were all suprised by brand new albums, such as Pursuit Of Thunder of Phuture Noize and Beyond Reality van B-Front.  Besides, currently there are many albums in development. That’s why we created a list with hardstyle artists who will release a new album in the future:

First of all, Radical Redemption, Frequencerz, Headhunterz, Ran-DVazard and Endymion are all busy producing a new album. We already posted about them, so it would be unnecesarry to mention all information again. However, if you are actually interested in reading these articles, click their names to start reading.

Just as some already heard, Noisecontrollers has his very own label now, named as Spirit Of Hardstyle together with Atmozfears, Audiotricz and Bass Modulators. All of them are busy with producing their own labelalbum. Every DJ has already created their first track for the release. These tracks are already available to listen:


Also, Act Of Rage is in the studios to create his first album. During the Minus Is More labelnight he announced this fact. In 2017 we, as festivalvisitors, were able to hear the new tracks live, such as D.R.U.G.S. with Ran-D. You’re able to watch the recording of the announcement here.

Nowadays, even MC’s are producing albums. In this instagram-post, MC Nolz revealed, with the use of the following hashtags  ‘#NOCTURNOLZ’, ‘#ALBUM’ and ‘#2018’, that he is making plans for an official album. The MC was known for saying that an album was in development, but he never realised it. So, we are very curious if 2018 will be the actual year of the release.

Then, Stereotuners is also working on something new. On their Facebookpage, they announced that they are currently busy with a mini-album, called The Graveyard Shift. On the picture you’ll see that Sterotuners are filming in a forest. But, they are not alone. See the image here.

Also, Audiofreq told us all on Facebook that he gives away his latest album to the one who was capable of substantiating why and which song was the best of his album Audiology. However, the message included more than a winning contest. The Australian DJ mentioned that he is working on new tracks in order to create a brand new album. So, that means time for more hardstyle mixed with DnB.

Following is the Italian Zatox, who is currently working on his album Oxygen. Since the release of the album was delayed, the album will be released this month. Tracks as ‘For Ever‘ and ‘Euphoria‘ are already listenable on Youtube. Click here for more information about Oxygen.

The rawstyle team Sledgehammers will also be releasing an album. This duo remains out of Riiho and Digital Mindz. Both DJ’s posted a video recently about their progress in the studio. Although the post isn’t serious at all, you are still able to hear some hard tracks be played in the background. That means some good raw tracks are being made.

Then, Frontliner announced that for the future he will release a new album called Neon. The DJ revealed this information in the comments at his Instagrampage after someone asked him about his new song. He responded with: ‘Track from my upcoming Neon album’. It’s possible to check the post here.

Despite that many haven’t heard from him for a long time, Code Black is still here with us. Although the DJ performs in foreign countries mostly, denying that he is working towards succes, is pretty close to impossible. Recently, Corey announced on Facebook that his first album is being made. See the video for an explaination.

Now that we’re discussing Code Black, his alias together with Audiofreq, named as Bioweapon, has also posted that they are working on an album together. Unfortunately, there is almost no information about this, except for the picture that we found on the Snapchat-account of the DJ’s:

Then, last but certainly not least, some Gearbox artists also made some album promises lately. Unresolved announced on Facebook that he is also working on a brand new album. Act Of God will consist out of 19 tracks. More information regarding the album is available here.

Following is Aggressive act, also known as Malice together with Rooler, who announced that they are currently very busy in the studio. According to this interview the album will consist out of tracks in one simple package. However, they also mentioned that their tracks will be hard as well. We can not wait for the release of this production.

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